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Crown's Duty Management System for the Emergency Services.

Crown have been developing systems that help to organise and manage the workforce for over 25 years. The UK’s Emergency Services are going through a period of change and evolution, with an increasing emphasis being placed upon obtaining value, efficiency and productivity for the public. Crown has been able to adapt its well-established solutions to add significant value to Emergency Service operations by helping to plan and manage duties so that they operate more effectively.

Crown’s flagship DMS system assists the Emergency Services by improving the information available to Planners and by automating much of the Duty Planning process, information can be moved around and be accessed quickly helping the frontline services. Administrative processes which previously were time consuming, sometimes ineffective and costly can also be aided by the availability of up-to-date information. Using modern technology we are now able to provide key managers with the information they need to manage the workforce more effectively making the planning and management of duties more efficient, more predictable and less costly.
Crown's Duty Management Key Features

Compliant with Police Regulation and Staff Handbook rules, the Crown Duty Managament Solution is a fully integrated planning and attendance management tool that enables a Force to:

  • Plan Duties based upon Abstraction rates and/or Minimum levels based upon Role, Skill and/or Rank. These controls can be implemented by Team, Section, Department, Division and/or Force.
  • Implement individual Rosters tailored to meet the demands of the function being Rostered (e.g. Response, Firearms, Call Management, Events, Training, etc.) that when needed can be viewed as a single Roster.
  • Easily Identify current (or future) levels of “available” resources to address Exigencies, Mutual Aid, Events, PSU callout, etc. Then allocate individuals accordingly.
  • Record attendance and absence accurately, thus enabling automated payment and a reduction in absence.
  • Have total visibility of how all their Officers (and Staff) have spent their time day by day, minute by minute from a single source.
Key Benefits
  • Increased utilisation and deployment of officers
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • The ability to plan & roster duties based upon skills
  • A reduction in overtime
  • Automation of the payment process
  • Reduced administration and increased payment accuracy
  • Better frontline service provision
The unrivalled strength of Crown's Duty Management Solution lies in the scope of its functionality coupled with the flexibility to address the specific needs of each Force or indeed any variation required within a Force. This scope and flexibility is demonstrated by:

  • The ability to easily adjust Abstraction rates and Minimum levels to reflect known variations due to local or national events. This includes the definition of restricted dates to apply to the granting of Leave via Officer Self Service.
  • The ability to implement Rosters with mixed resources. That is, Officers and/or Staff working a wide variety of Shift Patterns.
  • The ability to implement variations to Police Regulations (and Staff Handbook) implemented by the Force to accommodate local agreements.
  • The management of Skill Expiry; and its impact upon planned Duties; for all Officers (and Staff).
  • The management of Leave, Court, Training, Restricted Duties, Re-Allocated Rest Days, Mutual Aid and Events through a single Planning view.
  • The management of TOIL where Officers (and Staff) can maintain their own balance between Paid and TOIL Overtime via Self Service.
  • The management of Planned and Casual Overtime can be automated to totally remove the need for Overtime Forms whilst providing Budget Holders with total visibility.
  • The ability to easily allocate one or more groups of Officers (and/or Staff) to a Supervisor on either a permanent basis or temporarily to provide cover.
  • The types of Shift available in the system accommodate a wide variety of working profiles. For example; Fixed Shift, Sliding Shift, Alternate Shifts, Flexitime, Book Anytime, Attendance Contracts, etc.
  • The option to automatically generate Call Signs for Duties as they are interfaced to Command & Control based upon Shift, Role, Territory and/or Rank.
The planning and scheduling of police officers, taking all of these and other factors into account can be performed in an automated fashion, using either the Auto-Roster components of the solution and / or using manual drag and drop within the Planning Roster view.

Following confirmation of the Roster, the roster is routinely published using the intranet / internet, showing real-time visibility of:

  • Who is expected to be on-duty, where they are located and the relevant officer skills and capabilities.
  • Who is on Training or has a Court Appearance.
  • Any unfulfilled gaps in planned duty coverage.
Crown's DMS also incorporates a powerful Attendance and Absence management component that enables real-time confirmation of officer and staff attendance (or absence) for each working shift.

Attendance can be confirmed by officers booking On and Off Duty using Time Recording devices or by other means (telephony or by Sergeant roll-call for example). Similarly, police staff can record their attendance against a Flexitime or Flexible Working plan that manages all aspects of their work patterns (24 x7 working), core time and infringements, balances etc. The Telephony Book On feature also enables staff to Book an Absence using the telephone.

The accurate recording of attendance means that Officer and Staff payment can be calculated automatically by the system and passed to payroll using Rules and Codes governed by the Police Federation - where applicable.

Anyone who is authorised within the force, can in real-time:

  • Identify who is on-duty (and their location) and who is not on-duty.
  • Identify who is on a Training Course or is at Court.
  • Identify each officer’s Skills and Competencies.
  • And all planned Duty Coverage, looking forward, day-by-day.
The accurate recording of all incidences of Absence also enables Periods of Absence to be managed more effectively by making them visible to those concerned, identifying the cause, duration and actions needed to ensure an optimum return-to-work. Workflow processes underpin these Absence Management processes and indeed many other employee administration processes within the system. The system supports any number of user-defined Workflow processes.
Crown's DMS provides copious Management Information, most of which is user-defined using the product’s internal Report Writing features. Reports can be designed, generated, stored, shared amongst colleagues and used by any person who is authorised to use them.

Reports can be produced upon demand or scheduled to run at pre-determined times throughout the year. Report outputs can be produced in pdf, xml or csv formats, thus enabling simple integration with Excel and other graphical reporting media.

The Resource Management and Time Recording processes also build up an exceptionally strong database of information which the solution uses as the source for Workforce Intelligence and Analytics. This has two beneficial effects;

  • First, Balanced Scorecards can be produced, indicating, in real-time, departmental performance against designated Key Performance Indicators.
  • Secondly, better intelligence can be applied to the entire business forecasting process.
In practice, this means that the demands for overtime working and sickness absence can be better understood and thus reduced. Critically all information pertinent to Officers and staff is freely available, enabling the more intelligent use of resources and a significant reduction in wasted time.
Integration with HR and Payroll

Crown's DMS was designed with a flexible Data Import / Export shell which enables the controlled transfer of information to and from other business applications. This is used routinely to;

  • Import information from Oracle HR, typically employee data, departmental changes and employee skills.
  • Export information back to Oracle HR, typically Absence and Sickness details.
  • Export information to Payroll, typically hours worked, pay rates, premium payments etc.
Integration with Command & Control

It’s worth noting that the Data Export processes also support the integration of DMS with all popular Command & Control applications.
The Crown Duty Management Solution currently includes options for;

  • Telephone Booking on and off shift.
  • Telephone Booking of Sickness / Absence.
  • Airwave booking on and off shift.

A Mobile App to supplement mainstream DMS is also available and is deliverable on Android, IOS, Blackberry, Windows Smartphones and Tablet Devices enabling police officers and staff to;

  • View messages.
  • Book on and off shift.
  • Request Leave and review supervisory responses.
  • View planned Roster / Itinerary.
  • Request Overtime.
It’s a great strength of the system that it can deal very effectively with both Fixed Shift workers (Police Officers largely) and Flexitime workers.

The flexitime capabilities of the product are exceptionally strong and as with Fixed Shifts, all of the time management facilities are fully integrated with the mainstream duty management functions.

It’s worth noting that whilst Crown's DMS is used extensively within the Police / Justices sector, it’s also used in about 400 major enterprises across the UK in both the private and public sectors. Many of these organisations, particularly those in the public sector, are heavily oriented towards flexitime operation. Police Regulations Compliance The DMS and the Fixed Shift operation that underpins it, provides compliance with the Police Regulations and Staff Handbook rules. This means that all Payments can be automatically generated and transferred to Payroll.

In practice, all police forces vary their local payment rules according to certain degrees of custom and practice. The Police Regulations are open to interpretation (despite the theory saying otherwise). The system does however have an exceptionally strong and configurable Rules Engine, which by definition, enables all payment rules to be defined locally and adjusted to reflect local conditions. In practice, this proves to be an enormous benefit.
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